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Fort Worth Squirrel Removal 

Are unwelcome furry guests causing havoc in your Fort Worth abode? Look no further! Squirrel removal in Fort Worth is our expertise at Critter Stop, where thanks to the experience that we have, we can understand the nuances of wildlife control like no other and give the right guidance for handling the problem.

These seemingly innocent creatures can become a menace, causing irreparable damage to your property. From chewing through insulation and wires to creating nests in your attic, the problems they bring are as persistent as they are troublesome.

Our squirrel removal service in Fort Worth is not just a solution; it's a promise of peace. Fort Worth residents, don't let these agile intruders compromise the integrity of your home. Beyond the visible damage, squirrels can carry diseases, leaving your loved ones at risk. 

Critter Stop ensures a comprehensive approach to wildlife extraction, employing humane methods that prioritize the safety of both residents and animals.

When it comes to this, Fort Worth turns to Critter Stop for a reason. When we provide Squirrel removal service, our professionals are adept at sealing entry points and preventing future infestations, ensuring on this way that your space will remain squirrel-free. Leave it in our hands.

Don't let these critters turn your sanctuary into a playground; choose Critter Stop, your trusted partner in effective and humane squirrel removal services in Fort Worth. Call us now to reclaim your space and peace of mind!

Squirrel Menace in Fort Worth: Unveiling the Threats

In the idyllic streets of Fort Worth, a seemingly harmless creature can wreak havoc on your property and peace of mind – squirrels. These agile rodents may appear cute, but the problems they bring are far from endearing. 

Let's delve into the seven ways these seemingly innocent squirrels can turn into formidable adversaries:

  • Attic Intrusion: One of the most common issues associated with squirrels is their tendency to infiltrate attics. Squirrels normally seek holes in the roof or the wall to get in. Once inside, they cause substantial structural damage. Their habit of chewing through materials like insulation, wires, and wooden beams can compromise the safety and integrity of a home. This damage is not only costly to repair but can also lead to long-term issues such as weakened structural support and increased susceptibility to weather-related damage.
  • Wildlife Infestation: The presence of squirrels often acts as a magnet for other wildlife, turning a home into a potential hotspot for various pests. This escalation can result in a more complex infestation scenario, requiring comprehensive pest management strategies.
  • Nesting Nuisance: Squirrels are known to create nests in attics, which can disrupt the space's integrity and lead to serious safety concerns. The materials they use for nesting, often flammable, pose significant fire hazards, especially if located near electrical wiring or equipment.
  • Entry Point Destruction: Squirrels can cause severe damage to the entry points of a home through their incessant chewing. This behavior not only leads to structural vulnerabilities but also creates openings that can be exploited by other pests, escalating the infestation risks.
  • Property Damage: Our experience in providing squirrel removal services in Fort Worth has shown that these animals can cause extensive damage to both outdoor and indoor properties. Outdoors, their activities include gnawing on tree branches and digging up gardens, while indoors, their presence can lead to the destruction of structural elements of a house.
  • Insulation Invasion: Another significant issue is the damage squirrels can inflict on insulation. They not only destroy this material but may also use it for nesting. This behavior reduces the insulation's effectiveness, leading to increased energy costs and a decrease in the overall comfort of the home.
  • Health Risks: Beyond the physical damage to property, squirrels can carry diseases that pose significant health risks to residents. Their droppings, urine, and even the parasites they harbor can transmit various illnesses, making their removal from residential areas a pressing necessity.

Critter Stop stands ready to tackle these issues head-on, offering professional squirrel removal services in Fort Worth, Texas. Don't let these seemingly harmless creatures compromise your sanctuary; choose Critter Stop for comprehensive and effective wildlife control.

Navigating the Challenge: Squirrels in the Attic 

Squirrels in the attic may sound like the whimsical setting of a children's story, but for Fort Worth residents, it's a stark reality that demands attention. Once they find a cozy haven in your attic, these nimble creatures can transform it into a chaotic battleground. 

Their incessant gnawing and scurrying not only disrupt the peace but pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home.

Picture this: the soft patter of tiny feet above, the occasional scratching against your ceiling, and the discovery of shredded insulation. In their quest for a sheltered nesting spot, Squirrels make your attic their prime choice. 

This seemingly innocent quest, however, results in damaged wires, insulation, and even wooden beams. Left unaddressed, their activities can escalate into a full-blown invasion, attracting more wildlife and turning your attic into a hub of chaos.

Fear not! Critter Stop specializes in navigating the challenge of squirrels in the attic. Our professional removal services ensure a swift, humane, and effective resolution, allowing you to reclaim your attic and restore the tranquility of your home. 

Choose Critter Stop and bid farewell to the pitter-patter of unwanted guests overhead.

Critter Stop: Your Fort Worth Sanctuary's Guardian Against Squirrel Intruders

Discover why Critter Stop is your ultimate ally in Fort Worth's battle against squirrel nuisances:

  • Expert Squirrel Removal Service: Critter Stop boasts a team of seasoned professionals who deeply understand squirrel behavior, ensuring a swift and effective exclusion and removal process.
  • Humane Wildlife Extraction: Our approach goes beyond removal; it's about humane treatment. We prioritize the safety of both residents and wildlife, ensuring a compassionate resolution.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Worried about the cost for squirrel removal? Critter Stop provides transparent and competitive pricing, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.
  • Comprehensive Property Protection: From sealing entry points to preventive measures, Critter Stop offers comprehensive solutions to safeguard your property against future infestations.
  • Emergency Response Team: Squirrel issues can't wait. Critter Stop's emergency response team ensures a quick and timely intervention, preventing further damage.
  • Fort Worth's Trusted Name: With a track record of success and satisfied clients, Critter Stop has earned its reputation as Fort Worth's go-to squirrel removal service provider.

Choose Critter Stop and bid farewell to squirrel woes; we're here to protect your Fort Worth sanctuary with unmatched expertise and dedication.

Mastering the Art: Squirrel Trapping and Removal in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, where the hustle and bustle meet the tranquility of suburban living, Critter Stop takes center stage in mastering the art of squirrel trapping and removal. Our process unfolds precisely, ensuring a seamless resolution to your furry invader woes.

  1. Inspection: Our experts begin with a thorough inspection of your property. This crucial step involves identifying potential entry points for squirrels and assessing the extent of the infestation. By meticulously examining your home, from the attic to the basement, we ensure that every possible area of concern is covered. This detailed assessment allows us to develop a tailored strategy that addresses the specific challenges of your property.
  2. Strategic Trapping: We employ humane trapping methods, setting up traps strategically in key locations to capture squirrels efficiently and without causing them harm. This approach ensures that we target only the animals causing the problem, minimizing disturbance to your property and the local wildlife. Our expertise in animal behavior allows us to place traps in optimal locations, increasing the effectiveness of the trapping process.
  3. Safe Removal: Once squirrels are captured, our team engages in safe removal procedures. We carefully transport these animals away from your property and release them into a suitable natural habitat, prioritizing their well-being throughout the process. This humane approach to wildlife management reflects our commitment to ethical practices and animal welfare. Once we remove the squirrel, we are not done until we safely relocate the animal.
  4. Entry Point Sealing: Our services extend beyond mere removal. At Critter Stop, we seal all identified entry points, effectively preventing future infestations. This step is crucial in offering a comprehensive solution to your squirrel problem. We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that all potential entry points are securely sealed, providing long-term protection against wildlife intrusions.
  5. Sanitization and Restoration: After the removal process, we focus on cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas. This step is vital in restoring your space to its pristine condition and eliminating potential health risks associated with squirrel infestations. Our team meticulously cleanses areas of droppings, urine, and nesting materials, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment.
  6. Preventive Measures: Our experts don't just solve the current problem; they also implement preventative measures to minimize the likelihood of future squirrel intrusions. This may include advice on landscaping changes, securing trash bins, removing food sources, and other practical steps to deter squirrels from returning to your property.
  7. Client Consultation: Finally, a post-removal consultation is provided to ensure your complete satisfaction. During this session, we will hear all your doubts and offer tips and insights on maintaining a squirrel-free environment. This includes advice on regular property inspections, identifying early signs of wildlife activity, and other best practices to keep your home safe from future infestations.

Struggling with squirrels in your house? Rely on Critter Stop for prompt and ethical Fort Worth squirrel removal services. Our expertise, commitment, and array of remedies ensure a quick resolution to your squirrel problems. We take immense pride in holding a top-tier reputation in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, delivering speedy, just, and effective solutions. Contact us at (214) 234-2616 now for a complimentary inspection and quote.




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Lee Gorman
Lee Gorman
13:50 21 Nov 22
I’d give a 10 star review if I could! We had a great experience with Critter Stop. Everyone I dealt was friendly, professional, and reassuring. Phillip was very helpful and knowledgeable about the work he was doing. He walked me around the entire house to make sure I saw and understood the services he provided. He was also really nice and answered all my questions — he is exactly the type of person that should be interacting with customers.I love the fact that they will come back for up to 1 year after installation if any problems occur — this shows me they stand behind their work.The owner was great too, he personally came to my house and walked me through their offering. I recommend critter stop to anyone and everyone!
Susan Casey
Susan Casey
14:53 15 Nov 22
Critter Stop is a fantastic business! Everyone involved is extremely professional and very easy to communicate with. Chisam, the owner, did a great job of explaining the process to get the squirrels out of my attic during the initial free estimate. The exclusion crew who did all of the initial work was fabulous. The crew consisted of Phillip, Nick and Corey who arrived promptly when they said they would. They are happy, positive employees. Everyone is very polite and patient in explaining their work and answering questions. They came back several times to check the traps and finish it off with the fogging. Lester was very good about following up to schedule each trap check with me, and the office staff who took care of the billing was very efficient. Critter Stop is a well run company with honest, trustworthy employees! Thank you to all of you who worked hard to make my attic critter free and for the peace of mind that you guarantee your work. Great to know I can call them if for some reason a squirrel figures out a way to get back in!
Karen Eckholdt
Karen Eckholdt
14:54 22 Sep 22
Critter Stop has made this project easy and extremely professional from start to finish! They are very detailed and competent from start to finish and know so much about their business. They made a problem easy for us and at a reasonable cost. We would be happy to recommend this company and their owners and staff to anyone.
Aaron Echols
Aaron Echols
13:51 03 Aug 22
The guys at Critter Stop responded quickly, were very friendly, and gave us an honest estimate of what we might need. They explained why some items on other quotes were or were not necessary. They communicated well to get us scheduled, and did the work well and quickly. Great service at a fair and competitive price.
Jacob Scribner
Jacob Scribner
19:23 27 Jul 22
Brandon and his other coworker Gavin came to install insulation in my attic. I am very grateful for the hard work and professionalism. My house feels a lot better with the insulation installed. 5 star review. Cory Leach was also very nice and helpful. He came to my house to do another job and was very attentive and professional. Thank you Corey and thank you Critter Stop for helping me.The owner very polite and helpful, I’m glad I found this company to help me.
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