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For many homeowners, the sight of a rat or mouse scurrying across the floor can be alarming. These pests can carry diseases and cause damage to property, making it important to take action as soon as possible. That's where rat exterminator services come in - these professionals are trained to identify and eliminate rodent infestations quickly and effectively.

Whether you're dealing with a single rat in your home or a full-blown infestation, a rat exterminator can help. These professionals use a variety of techniques to eliminate rodents, including traps, poison baits, and exclusion methods to prevent future infestations. They can also provide advice on how to keep your home rodent-free, such as sealing up entry points and keeping food stored securely.

While some homeowners may attempt to tackle a rodent problem on their own, it's often best to leave it to the experts. Rat exterminator services are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done safely and efficiently, without putting your family or pets at risk. By choosing a reputable exterminator, you can rest assured that your home will be free of rats and other pests for good.

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We Are Professional Rat Exterminators

When it comes to rat infestations, it's important to hire a professional team that is experienced in exterminating these pests. Our team of rat exterminators has years of experience in identifying and eliminating rats from homes and businesses.

We understand that rats can cause significant damage to your property and pose a health risk to you and your family. That's why we take every infestation seriously and work quickly to eliminate the problem.

Our team uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that rats are completely eradicated from your property. We also take steps to prevent future infestations by identifying and sealing off potential entry points.

When you hire us, you can rest assured that you are getting a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. We take pride in our work and are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the results.

Rat Proofing Your Home or Business

Rats are a common pest that can cause significant damage to your home or business. Rat proofing is an essential step in preventing infestations and protecting your property. Here are a few tips on how to rat-proof your home or business:

  • Seal all entry points: Rats can enter through small cracks and holes in walls, floors, and roofs. Seal all potential entry points with steel wool, caulk, or other suitable materials.
  • Keep your property clean: Rats are attracted to food and garbage. Keep your property clean and free of debris to discourage rats from taking up residence.
  • Store food properly: Keep food in sealed containers and store it off the ground. Rats can climb, so make sure to store food at least 18 inches off the ground.
  • Trim trees and bushes: Rats can use trees and bushes to gain access to your property. Trim back any trees or bushes that are close to your home or business.
  • Install door sweeps: Rats can squeeze through small gaps under doors. Install door sweeps to seal the gap between the door and the floor.
  • Keep your property well-lit: Rats prefer dark, quiet places to hide. Keep your property well-lit to discourage rats from taking up residence.

By following these simple tips, you can help prevent rat infestations and protect your property. If you suspect that you have a rat infestation, contact a professional rat exterminator service to help you eliminate the problem.

Find the Best Rodent Control Services

When it comes to finding the best rodent control services, there are a few things to consider. First, it's important to look for a company with experience in dealing with rats and other rodents. A company that has been in business for several years and has a proven track record of success is likely to provide better results.

Another factor to consider is the methods used by the company. Look for a company that uses humane and effective methods to remove rats from your property. Some companies use poison or other harmful chemicals, which can be dangerous to pets and children. A reputable company will use traps or other safe methods to remove rats without causing harm to anyone.

It's also important to consider the cost of the service. While you don't want to skimp on quality, you also don't want to pay more than you need to. Look for a company that offers competitive pricing and provides a clear breakdown of the costs involved.

Finally, consider the customer service provided by the company. A good rodent control service should be responsive to your needs and concerns, and should provide clear communication throughout the process. Look for a company that has a good reputation for customer service, and that is willing to work with you to find the best solution for your specific situation.

Rats In Your Attic? Contact The Rodent Control Pros

If you suspect that you have rats in your attic, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Rats can cause extensive damage to your property, contaminate your food, and spread diseases. The Rodent Control Pros are experts in rat extermination and can help you get rid of these pesky rodents for good.

When you contact The Rodent Control Pros, a technician will come to your home to perform a thorough inspection of your attic. They will look for signs of rat activity, such as droppings, gnaw marks, and nesting materials. Once they have identified the extent of the infestation, they will develop a customized plan to eliminate the rats and prevent them from returning.

The Rodent Control Pros use safe and effective methods to exterminate rats, including traps and baits. They will also seal any entry points that the rats may be using to get into your attic, such as gaps in the roof or vents. This will prevent future infestations and ensure that your home remains rat-free.

If you are dealing with rats in your attic, don't wait to take action. Contact The Rodent Control Pros today to schedule an inspection and get rid of these unwanted pests.

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When it comes to rat extermination, people often have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Signs of a rat infestation include droppings, gnaw marks on food packaging or other materials, and scratching or scurrying noises in walls or ceilings. If you suspect you have a rat problem, it's important to call a professional exterminator to assess the situation.

Yes, professional rat exterminators use safe, humane methods to remove rats from your home or business. They will also take precautions to ensure the safety of your pets and children.

The length of time it takes to exterminate rats depends on the severity of the infestation. In some cases, it may only take a few days to eliminate the problem. In more severe cases, it may take several weeks or even months to completely eradicate the rats.

To prevent rats from returning to your home or business, it's important to keep your property clean and free of food debris. You should also seal up any holes or cracks in your walls or foundation to prevent rats from entering. A professional exterminator can provide additional advice on how to prevent rats from returning.

Our 4 Step Process

Critter Stop Inspection

Free Inspection

Critter Stop offers free in-home consultations to build custom solutions to your problems. We inspect your home thoroughly, inside and out, for signs of damage, animal entry, animal nesting, droppings, and more. Once we discuss the extent of the problem and what needs to be done to fix it, we’ll document a game plan together.

sealing home

Seal Your Home

Sealing your home immediately is our priority. The exclusion team will thoroughly patch up potential entry sites from the roof to the foundation and everywhere in between. Once we’re sure no other rodents are getting in, we’ll set our traps in those areas we suspect animal activity.

Raccoons inside your home

Remove The Critters

Our technicians will check in on your home several times throughout this process. If game cameras have been set up, we’ll review those with you to discuss the animal activity. Once the traps are cleared, we will reset them and re-evaluate all the sealed points of entry to ensure no critter has re-chewed a hole or found a new way into your property.

Restoring and Sanitizing rodent droppings

Restore & Sanitize

We don’t call it a job well done once the pest is gone. There’s more work to be done! We completely restore your affected area by pulling up and replacing damaged insulation. Additionally, we fog the affected area to disinfect and remove animal pheromones that can attract new pests in the future.

“I used Critter Stop due to rats and squirrels in my attic. They also chewed up siding on the house to get in. Critter Stop was able to remove the rodents and secure the entry points. Everyone I dealt with was very polite and professional. They were able to come out quickly, communicated well, and they always showed up on time. I would use them again.”

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