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Mosquito Control

Take back your outdoors with Critter Stop.

Experience why residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas call Critter Stop for mosquito control in their home.

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Why A Mosquito Mist System?

A mosquito mist system ensures your outdoors are mosquito free every day of spring and summer, not just the couple of days after a “backpack blast.” With our system’s network of ~25-50 nozzles discretely installed around your home and yard, your mist system will spray for ~30-60 seconds up to three times a day, or at the touch of a button from your smartphone! This consistent application of our all-natural repellent provides a much more effective and consistent mosquito control solution. We are confident that our automatic mosquito misting system will meet all your needs.

Mosquito Control

Service & Maintenance

Critter Stop offers periodic service visits to refill your repellent and provide routine maintenance, ensuring maximum system lifespan. The most important service visit of the year includes winterizing the mosquito mist system in the fall. This process helps prevent leftover fluid in the network of nozzles from freezing and damaging the mist system.

Critter Stop is proud to offer our repellent refill and maintenance services to any homeowner that has a comparable system and is in need of our expertise - not just homeowners whose system we installed!

Residential Mosquito Control

Critter Stop vs. The Competition

No Harmful Chemicals

Because our system sprays several times a day, and can be applied with the push of a button, we are able to use an all-natural, odorless, biodegradable formula that is safe to both your family and your pets.

World Class Customer Service

We take great pride in providing high quality work and unrivaled customer service at a fair price. Don’t take our word for it though - check out our customer reviews and see for yourself!

Quick and Easy Estimates

Every home, every yard, and every mosquito mist system is different. Our expert team will provide a detailed analysis of your property, build a game plan for your property, and walk you through your options - all free of charge!


For us, our customers’ satisfaction is personal. Dallas-Fort Worth is our home, and it always will be. Our business and family reputation and identity are deeply intertwined. We are passionate about providing excellent customer service at a price point we are proud to offer.

We Prevent More Than Just Mosquitoes!

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