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"I reached out to Critter Stop and heard back quickly. Jon came out and inspected my attic and outside my home. He was very professional, wore a mask, and explained things well. I knew from my home inspection before I bought the house it was in need of attic insulation and there were rat traps in the attic. He made some great recommendations and I was able to move forward with the inspection, sealing up attic and exterior, and fogging the attic. They also replaced my electric attic fan with a solar fan. I'll be saving up to use Critter Stop for the removal of old and addition of new insulation. They were on time or early for every appointment and great at communicating with me."

Kim B. via Google

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Your Thorough Restoration Service

We offer a full restoration service to give you complete peace of mind in your home's energy efficiency. We tear out what's old, inspect and sterilize what's left, and insulate your space using the best materials on the market. Here's the breakdown of our process.

Old Attic Insulation

Remove Old Insulation

We take out the old and replace it with new. Before we do anything, we remove all old insulation, any animal droppings, as well as debris until we're left with the original bare decking of your attic. Our technicians use an 8-inch diameter industrial vacuum that'll pick up all debris. Our technicians come into the home wearing hazmat suits, gloves, and respirators to keep them safe.

Attic with Insulation

Complimentary Attic Inspection

It's not often that your attic is stripped down to its bare decking. We take this opportunity to give a full inspection of the attic interior. Our technicians take a look at the wiring, ducting, piping, and even the sheetrock to confirm that it's all in good order. Any damage to ducting, piping, and sheetrock can be repaired as needed by our crew. We mark any electrical damage with a ribbon, which makes it easy for a certified electrician to repair it at a later time.

Rodent Droppings in the Attic

Deployment of Sanitizing Fog

Our technicians will check in on your home several times throughout this process. If game cameras have been set up, we’ll review those with you to discuss the animal activity. Once the traps are cleared, we will reset them and re-evaluate all the sealed points of entry to ensure no critter has re-chewed a hole or found a new way into your property.

Removal of Old Insulation

Prepare the Attic

Before we spray blow-in insulation, we need to ensure that the attic is ready for application. First, we install a flame retardant covering over all can lights. Can lights need to breathe so they don't overheat. Covers give them space to breathe and also protect them from insulation. A can light that gets too hot will overheat, blow, or even cause a fire. Next, we conduct what is known as "airflow spot sealing". This process separates the air in your attic from the air in the rest of your house. To do this, we spray foam around all components installed through the sheetrock to fill any small gaps. Without airflow spot sealing, the hot air of your attic will continually mingle with the conditioned air of your home, increasing your energy costs and your overall discomfort.

Applying blow-in Insulation

Blow-in Insulation is Applied

Last but not least, with your attic thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and prepped, we install our blow-in insulation. We use 13.5 inches of Owens Corning fiberglass insulation. Owens Corning is the largest and most trusted brand in the industry, with top-of-the-line products at affordable prices.

"Very professional and knowledgeable, as well as friendly. Great value vs. other competitors. Highly recommend!"

G_L D. via Google

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When it comes to insulation, we can do it all for you. We offer insulation removal, installation, top-offs, and even our custom full restoration service. It doesn't matter what you do with the rest of your home—if your attic insulation is lacking, you're going to feel it in your wallet. Having a poorly insulated attic is like walking outside in freezing cold weather.

Blow-in Insulation

Solar Attic Fans

Your attic air needs to move. Even in early summer, your attic will reach stifling temperatures. Attic fans exhaust hot air and lower the temperature, which makes your air conditioner work less. Best yet, our fans are completely powered by solar energy, so they don't make a dent in your electric bill. Just one fan will be enough for 2,500 square feet of attic space.

Solar Attic Fan

Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers act as a spacer between the exterior of your roof and the inside of your attic. They're made of reflective material and are placed along the tops of the joists of your roof. The material is constructed to reflect the heat of the sun and keep it at the roof level, so it never enters your attic.

Radiant Barrier

Ducting Replacement

Ducting gets old. Sometimes it's made of cheap material or even improperly installed. Whatever the case, after some time, your original ductwork can break down and have little or no insulation around it. As air-conditioned air passes through old ductwork, some of that cold air can escape into your attic before it travels to where it matters. Replacing, repairing, and inspecting ductwork is one of the easiest ways to reduce your utility bills and keep your air conditioning unit from overworking.

House Duct System

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