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Birds 101 - What You Need to Know About A Bird Infestation


Recognizing the Warning Signs There’s a Bird in Your Home

Most people will know right away if there’s a bird in the house. Unlike other wildlife that stay in the attics or walls, birds may be freely flying around your home. If you’re dealing with birds in the house that aren’t the family parakeet, the Critter Stop team in Southlake is here to help. Our team of professionals works with Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex homeowners to keep their houses and businesses free from rodents, wildlife, and birds. On this page, we’ll walk you through some of the indicators that you have birds making themselves at home in your house. If you need our help clearing birds out and reclaiming your home, give us a call. We are happy to work with homes and businesses in Arlington, Garland, Grand Prairie, and all of the DFW Metro area.

What You’ll See Inside the Home

Most birds will enter through ventilation and gable vents, through a hole created by another neighborhood pest, or through an open door or window. They are unlikely to do any damage to get into your home, but once they’re inside, they can leave waste all over the house. If you see the telltale white spots, hear chirping, or see a bird flying around, it’s time to call our team. If birds have taken up residence in the attic, they may go unnoticed for awhile, and the most obvious indicator will likely be the sounds. If you hear chirping or bird song that doesn’t seem to be coming from outside, take a peek into the attic. If you see signs of nesting or the birds themselves, the Critter Stop team has you covered.

What You’ll See Outside the Home

Many homeowners with birds in the attic notice nesting materials sticking out of their eaves or in their gutters, feces on the walls and ground near a point of access, and a large number of birds congregating around their homes. This becomes especially problematic if there are birds around your home outside of their regular season. That means they have taken up permanent residence!

Critter Stop’s 4 Step Process to Keep Your Home Bird Free

Birds can be easy enough to remove from the home, but our four step process is very important for bird infestation. It is essentially that we seal up entry points to ensure birds don’t get back in. Then, we trap and remove the birds. Next, we sanitize in and around the home, removing droppings, nesting areas, and other materials. Finally, we’ll put up spikes and other deterrents to keep birds away from your home or office in the future. Whether you need bird removal for your Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex home or commercial building, the Critter Stop team has you covered!

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