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How to Get a Dead Animal Out of the Attic

How to Get a Dead Animal Out of the Attic

Is your house reeking funky and foul odors even after excessive hours of mopping and cleaning? Many homeowners may put the blame on their cleaning supplies for not doing a good job. However, the real culprit behind a nasty-smelling house might be a dead animal rotting in an attic. 

‍Often these unwanted critters take shelter in your attic without you being aware of their presence. Pests like rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons are big-time chewers and have quite an exploring nature. What if they get electrocuted while chewing on electrical wires in the attic or get stuck between the wall cavities? It will result in a dead rodent decomposing in your attic. And the dead animal smell in the attic is undoubtedly the worst!

‍Sometimes, a homeowner realizes that there are critters in the attic, and they address the issue by planting poisonous bait. Now, it becomes challenging for them to find the dead bodies of these critters as they always hang in dark and inaccessible areas. 

‍These dead bodies not only make your house smell terrible but can also invite other pests to your house and expose you to many contagious diseases. Therefore, leaving the dead bodies unattended in the attic is not a wise decision at all.

‍Now, you must be wondering how to find these rotting carcasses in your attic before they become a root cause for another pest infestation? Well, only dead animal removal services can safely and effectively remove the carcasses from your attic without causing much structural damage to your property. However, with a few tips, you may be able to remove the dead animal remains from the attic yourself. Keep reading! 

What is Dead Animal Smell in the Attic? 

How do you know that an animal has chosen your attic for its demise? The bad smell lingering all-around your house. It will make your house smell so awful that you will feel like throwing up every time you take a sniff or a breath. 

From odors removers to air fresheners and scented candles, nothing will work at all. Instead, it will mix up and make your house smell more disgusting! The horrific smell will linger around your house until the animal carcass completely dries out. It may take several days, weeks, or, in worst-case scenarios, months. 

Factors Affecting the Smell of Dead Animals in the Attic 

Here are the few factors that play an important role in intensifying the dead animal odor:

Animal Size 

Larger animals have more flesh and take more time to decompose. Therefore, the smell of the dead raccoon or opossum will be stronger and longer-lasting than a dead rat or mouse. 


If the animal dies in a dark and poorly ventilated corner, the smell will be worse and linger longer than if it died in a well-ventilated location. 

Temperature and Humidity 

Another factor that increases the strength of a dead animal odor is temperature and humidity. If the temperature in your attic is warmer, the decomposition rate will become faster and strong smells will linger around. Also, if the weather conditions are moist and humid, it will speed up the process of decay as well as make your house smell horrendous. 

However, the worse it smells, the faster the decomposition rate. Therefore, if your attic has started to smell more disgusting than before, it is an evident sign of a dead body decaying faster. 

How to Find the Dead Animal in the Attic? 

Animals that take shelter inside the warm, dark, and cluttered attics are mostly rodents. Finding the carcasses of rodents will not be as easy as one might have initially assumed. Rodents never die in the middle of the attic unless trapped. Their carcasses are always found hidden in the dark and inaccessible corners. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find the dead animal in your attic: 

  • Narrow the smell down with the most concentrated area in the attic.
  • Sniff until you have not found the particular spot. Walk back and forth. Stick your nose to the attic walls and floor and get a ladder to sniff the ceiling. Some homeowners might find it gross, but it is the only way to find the location of the dead animal destroying the air quality of your house.
  • If you have not found the carcass, cut a hole in the drywall. Stick your nose to check the strength of the odor. A strong and puke-worthy smell will be a sure sign of a carcass lying there. 
  • Wear thick gloves and remove the body. Dump it in a plastic bag and spray the particular area with disinfectant generously.

Why is it Best to Call a Professional Dead Animal Removal Company?

Regardless of how much time and effort homeowners put into finding a dead animal carcass in their attics, sometimes they are unable to find it. Therefore, the wiser decision would be to hire a professional dead animal removal company before the foul odors get stronger or other invaders such as maggots visit your attic. 

Not only will your house smell horrendous, but you and your entire family will be at risk of developing many contagious diseases. Therefore, while keeping your health at the top priority, you must call professionals to get the dead animal out of your attic. They will find the location of the carcass and remove it from your attic without causing much structural damage. 


Homes are one of the places where people find comfort and peace. However, when they start smelling a stench, no one enjoys spending time there. Therefore, if your home has a strong or unpleasant smell, no matter how much you clean, it may be time to contact a local critter removal service.

Critter Stop is a reliable dead animal removal company that can help you remove the animal remains, while leaving your property fresh and clean.

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