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How to Get Rid of a Yellow Jacket

How to Get Rid of a Yellow Jacket

Yellow jackets are a nuisance for many people, especially during the warmer months when they build their nests and become more aggressive. These social wasps can ruin outdoor activities and pose a threat to anyone who is allergic to their stings. To ensure an environment that is safe and enjoyable, it is essential to know how to get rid of yellow jackets effectively.

Eliminating yellow jackets requires patience and a comprehensive approach. Identifying the location of the nest is the first step, as their colonies tend to be in well-concealed spots such as tree cavities or the crevices of structures. Once the nest is discovered, proper methods must be employed to remove it safely. For a critter-free home, consider employing a professional animal removal service such as Critter Stop that offers humane and guaranteed solutions.

In addition to handling existing infestations, preventative measures should be taken to avoid attracting yellow jackets in the future. Proper sanitation, regular inspection of outdoor areas, and prompt removal of potential nesting sites can help minimize the risk of future encounters with these stinging pests.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets


Eliminate Nesting Sites

One of the most effective ways to prevent yellow jackets from becoming an issue is to eliminate their potential nesting sites. Regularly inspect your property for signs of yellow jacket activity, such as ground nests or nests in trees, eaves, and other structures. Fill in any holes, crevices, or gaps where yellow jackets might build their nests. Removing brush piles, fallen logs, and overgrown vegetation can also discourage yellow jacket nesting.

Keep Food Sources Away

Yellow jackets are attracted to various food sources, including sweet and protein-rich items. To prevent attracting these insects, always keep food and beverages covered when outdoors. Ensure that trash cans have tight-fitting lids and are regularly emptied. Cleaning up after outdoor activities, such as barbecues, is crucial to prevent yellow jackets from being drawn to leftover food.

Use Yellow Jacket Traps

Setting up yellow jacket traps can help reduce the number of these insects around your property. These traps typically contain a lure or bait, such as sugar water or a commercial attractant, which draws the yellow jackets inside the trap, preventing them from escaping. Place traps away from high-traffic areas, such as patios and pathways, to avoid inadvertently attracting more yellow jackets. Regularly check and clean the traps, replacing bait as needed.

When dealing with a larger yellow jacket colony, it may be necessary to use insecticides as part of the treatment method. Choose a product specifically designed for yellow jackets, and always follow the product manufacturer's guidelines and instructions on safe and effective use. In some cases, contacting a professional pest control service may be the best option to ensure the safety of your family and pets. A professional pest control company will also make sure the proper removal of the yellow jacket colony.

 Yellow Jacket Traps


Use Natural Repellents

One effective way to deter yellow jackets is to use natural repellents. A popular option is to create a mixture of soapy water by combining a few drops of dish soap with water. This solution can be sprayed on yellow jacket nests, particularly at the entrance or exit points, to deter the insects from returning to the area.

Another natural method to keep yellow jackets at bay is to plant species that repel these insects. Some plants are known to deter yellow jackets and other stinging insects, such as mint, lemongrass, basil, and wormwood. Plant these species around your property's perimeter to establish a natural barrier.

Use Chemical Repellents

In cases where natural repellents are not sufficient, chemical repellents provide an effective alternative. There are various products available on the market, such as dust and foam insecticides, specifically designed for yellow jacket control. When using these products, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to reduce risks associated with handling chemicals.

Product TypeApplication Method
DustSprinkle around nest openings and surrounding area
FoamApply directly to nests or surfaces frequented by yellow jackets

When applying chemical repellents, it is essential to target the nest's entrance or exit points to increase the likelihood of reaching the swarm. Use caution, as yellow jackets can be aggressive when disturbed, especially during the application of repellents.

In conclusion, implementing deterrent strategies can help you get rid of a yellow jacket infestation. By using a combination of natural and chemical repellents, properly applied at their nests' entry points, you can minimize the risk of encountering these aggressive stinging insects and ensure a safer environment around your property.

Yellow Jacket in flower



Vacuuming is an effective method to remove yellow jackets, especially when they are outdoors. During the late evening or early morning, when the insects are less active, place a vacuum cleaner's nozzle near the entrance of their nest. Turn on the vacuum and let it run for several hours to capture the yellow jackets. The captured insects can then be safely disposed of.


Spraying can be an efficient way to tackle the yellow jacket problem. Choose a chemical spray specifically designed for wasps and yellow jackets. Apply the spray directly into the nest's hole, ensuring to follow the product's instructions for safe use. Be cautious when handling chemicals, and wear protective clothing to prevent accidental exposure. It is recommended to apply the spray during late evenings when the insects are less active.


Setting up a trap can help reduce the population of yellow jackets in your outdoor space. There are a few different types of traps available, such as bait stations that lure the insects inside and prevent them from escaping. Place these traps strategically around your property to capture the yellow jackets effectively. Check and empty the traps regularly, ensuring to dispose of the captured insects properly. Trapping alone might not eliminate the entire colony but can help manage their numbers.

Yellow Jacket

Professional Extermination

Benefits of Professional Extermination

Hiring a professional exterminator is a highly effective method to get rid of yellow jackets, especially when dealing with yellow jackets in a wall or a well-established hive. A professional exterminator has the necessary tools, equipment, and experience to handle these situations safely and efficiently. They can assess the extent of the infestation, remove the nest, and prevent future infestations.

A few benefits to hiring a professional include:

  • Safety: Professionals are equipped to handle the risks associated with yellow jacket extermination, such as stings and allergies.
  • Efficiency: Professionals can quickly locate and remove the nest, minimizing the disturbance to your daily routine.
  • Effectiveness: Extensive training and experience make professionals more adept at identifying and treating infestations, ensuring a thorough removal.

How Professionals Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Professional exterminators follow a systematic approach to get rid of yellow jackets:

  1. Assessment: The exterminator will inspect your property to determine the extent of the infestation, locate the nest, and identify the species of yellow jackets to select the appropriate treatment.
  2. Treatment: The exterminator may use a variety of methods, such as insecticides, dust, or vacuum removal. The choice of treatment depends on the nest location and size.
    • For nests in walls, a professional may drill small holes and inject insecticidal dust or foam to eliminate the colony.
    • For exposed hives, exterminators may use an aerosol insecticide or vacuum removal to eliminate the yellow jackets.
  3. Removal and prevention: After extermination, the professional will remove the nest and clean the site to prevent any remaining or future infestations. This step may involve sealing off entry points or applying a preventive pesticide to deter yellow jackets from returning.

Hiring a professional exterminator can save you time and effort while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of yellow jacket removal. It is recommended for dealing with complex or hard-to-reach infestations, such as yellow jackets in walls or large hives.

Yellow Jacket 1


Summary of Tips for Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets can be a nuisance and potentially dangerous to humans. To effectively get rid of them, it is essential to identify their nests. Once located, you can use various methods like dusting insecticide (ensure the one you choose is specifically designed for yellow jackets) or implementing humane animal removal techniques if available in your area.

When treating a nest, always do it at night when the insects are least active. After treatment, check the nest for any remaining activity and reapply treatment if necessary. Remember to always wear protective gear to avoid stings.

Prevention is another crucial aspect of handling yellow jackets. By sealing off entrances to your home, maintaining a clean outdoor environment, and using traps, you can effectively deter them from invading your property.

Final Reminders for Preventing Future Infestations

It's essential to maintain regular maintenance of your property including trimming trees, removing debris piles, and eliminating sources of food like exposed trash and pet food to prevent future infestations. Additionally, inspect your property for signs of new nests periodically and take swift action to remove them. Always be cautious when dealing with yellow jackets to avoid their painful stings and potential allergic reactions.

Finally, if you feel overwhelmed or unsure about handling yellow jacket infestations, consult a professional pest control specialist or a critter control service for assistance. Critter Stop is proud to offer quick turnaround times, free estimates, and affordable prices. Check out our reviews, and see why homeowners and commercial building owners love working with us. Call us today at (214) 234-2616 and see how we can help!

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