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Understanding Armadillo Bite: Do They Bite Humans?

Armadillo bite

Armadillos are fascinating creatures that often intrigue people due to their unique appearance and behavior. However, one common question that arises is whether armadillos bite humans. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the nature of armadillos, their behavior, and the potential risks associated with them biting humans.

What Are Armadillos?

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Armadillos are small to medium-sized mammals known for their distinctive armor-like shell. These creatures are primarily found in the Americas, with the nine-banded armadillo being the most prevalent species in the United States. Armadillos are primarily nocturnal and have a keen sense of smell, which they use to locate insects and other small invertebrates, their primary food source.

Do Armadillo Bite?

The simple answer to whether armadillos bite is yes, they can bite. However, it is important to understand the context and likelihood of such behavior. Armadillos are generally non-aggressive creatures and prefer to flee from threats rather than confront them. Their primary defense mechanism is their tough, armored shell, which they use to protect themselves from predators.

armadillo do they bite

When Will An Armadillo Bite You?

While armadillo bites are rare, there are certain situations where a bite might occur:

Self-Defense: If an armadillo feels cornered or threatened, it may resort to biting as a last line of defense. This is more likely if the animal is handled or trapped.

Accidental Encounters: Occasionally, armadillo bite humans because they accidentally provoke them by disturbing their burrows or approaching it too closely. In such cases, the armadillo might bite in an attempt to escape.

Feeding: If an armadillo mistakes a finger for food, it could bite unintentionally. This scenario is rare as armadillos primarily feed on insects and are not known to associate humans with their food sources.

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Are Armadillo Bites Dangerous?

Armadillo bites are not typically dangerous, but they can pose certain health risks. The primary concern with an armadillo bite is the potential for infection. Armadillos are known carriers of certain bacteria and pathogens, including the bacterium that causes leprosy in humans.

Leprosy Risk

While the risk of contracting leprosy from an armadillo bite is low, it is not negligible. Studies have shown that some armadillos in the southern United States carry the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae, which can cause leprosy. Transmission to humans can occur through direct contact with the armadillo or through a bite. If bitten, it is crucial to seek medical attention to assess the risk and receive appropriate treatment.

Other Infections

Like any animal bite, an armadillo bite can introduce bacteria into the wound, leading to infection. Symptoms of an infected bite include redness, swelling, pain, and pus. Prompt medical treatment with antibiotics can prevent complications.

Preventing Armadillo Bites

To minimize the risk of being bitten by an armadillo, it is important to follow certain precautions:

Avoid Handling Wild Armadillos: Never attempt to pick up or handle a wild armadillo. Even though they may seem docile, they can become defensive if they feel threatened.

Keep a Safe Distance: If you encounter an armadillo in the wild, observe it from a safe distance. Do not attempt to corner or trap the animal.

Secure Your Property: Armadillos are known to dig burrows, which can sometimes be located near human dwellings. Ensure that your property is secure and take measures to discourage armadillos from burrowing close to your home.

Educate Children: Teach children about the importance of not approaching or touching wild animals, including armadillos.

What To Do If Bitten by an Armadillo

What To Do If Bitten by an Armadillo

If you are bitten by an armadillo, follow these steps to ensure proper care:

Clean the Wound: Immediately wash the bite area with soap and water to remove any bacteria. Apply an antiseptic to prevent infection.

Seek Medical Attention: Visit a healthcare professional for a thorough examination of the bite. They can assess the risk of infection or other complications and provide appropriate treatment, such as antibiotics.

Report the Bite: If the bite occurred in an area known for leprosy-carrying armadillos, inform your healthcare provider. They may recommend additional tests or preventive measures.

Understanding Armadillo Behavior

To further understand why armadillo bites are rare, it is helpful to learn about their general behavior:

Nocturnal Lifestyle: Armadillos are most active at night, searching for food and digging burrows. They have poor eyesight but a strong sense of smell, which they rely on to navigate and find insects.

Burrowing: Armadillos are prolific diggers, creating burrows that serve as homes and protection. These burrows can sometimes be a nuisance when located near human structures, but they play a crucial role in the armadillo’s survival.

Diet: Their diet consists mainly of insects, grubs, and other invertebrates. Armadillos use their sharp claws to dig into the ground and unearth their prey.


Armadillos are unique and fascinating creatures that generally pose little threat to humans. While they can bite, such incidents are rare and usually occur in situations where the armadillo feels threatened or is handled inappropriately. Understanding armadillo behavior and taking preventive measures can help minimize the risk of bites. If bitten, proper wound care and medical attention are essential to prevent infection and other complications.

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