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Richardson Squirrel Removal

Squirrels, those furry creatures we often admire from afar, can quickly turn into a homeowner's nightmare when they decide to take up residence on your property. Squirrel removal in Richardson is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. 

These seemingly harmless rodents can cause many problems ranging from property damage to health hazards, making the squirrel removal service in Richardson an essential service for residents.

Squirrels are expert chewers, and their insatiable appetite for gnawing on anything in their path can wreak havoc on your home. From electrical wires to insulation, no corner of your property is safe from their sharp teeth. 

The consequences can be dire, with potential fire hazards and costly repair bills. Beyond property damage, these agile acrobats can pose threats to Richardson residents. 

Their presence often leads to conflicts as they invade attics, crawlspaces, and even your lovely garden, causing headaches for homeowners. Furthermore, they may carry diseases that can risk your family's health.

That's where Critter Stop, your professional squirrel removal service in Richardson, steps in. We offer easy and humane wildlife extraction solutions that prioritize the safety of both your property and these adorable yet troublesome creatures. 

Don't wait until the problem escalates; call Critter Stop today to protect what matters the most. Your Richardson property deserves the best in squirrel removal and prevention.

What Problems Do Squirrels Cause?

While charming in the great outdoors, squirrels can become a formidable nuisance when they invade Richardson neighborhoods. 

These seemingly harmless creatures can cause a cascade of problems, leading to the need for professional squirrel removal service in Richardson, Texas. Let's delve into the eight key issues these critters can create:

  1. Property Damage
  • Squirrels are avid chewers and can damage electrical wires, insulation, and structural materials.
  • Their persistent gnawing can result in costly repairs and even fire hazards.
  1. Health Concerns
  • Squirrels may carry diseases like leptospirosis, posing a health risk to residents.
  • Their droppings can also lead to respiratory issues if not properly cleaned.
  1. Noise Disturbances
  • Squirrels are active during the day and can create constant noise in attics or walls, disturbing your peace.
  1. Garden Havoc
  • These foragers will raid your garden, munching on flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Your carefully tended landscaping can quickly become a squirrel smorgasbord.
  1. Nesting in Unwanted Places
  • Squirrels often nest in attics or crawlspaces, causing further structural damage.
  • Their nests can also attract other pests like insects or rodents.
  1. Scratches and Odors
  • Squirrels may leave scratch marks on walls and surfaces while seeking entry.
  • Their presence can bring unpleasant odors into your house.
  1. Aggressive Behavior
  • Mother squirrels can become aggressive when protecting their young, posing a danger to anyone attempting DIY removal.
  1. Roof and Gutter Damage
  • Squirrels can chew through roofing materials, leading to leaks and costly repairs.
  • Gutters may also become clogged with debris from their activities.

These problems highlight the urgency of addressing squirrel infestations promptly. Critter Stop, your trusted squirrel removal service in Richardson, is here to help safeguard your property and restore your peace of mind.

Squirrels in the Attic: A Noisy Intrusion

Squirrels in the attic, though seemingly innocuous, can become a persistent and disruptive problem for Richardson homeowners. 

These agile creatures are drawn to attics' sheltered warmth and safety, making it a favored nesting spot. While their presence may go unnoticed initially, the signs of their residency soon become evident.

The Invasion Begins

Armed with sharp claws and gnawing teeth, Squirrels can access vulnerable entry points like damaged vents, small holes, gaps in roofing, or uncapped chimneys. Once inside, they establish nests, typically in the insulation or tucked away corners.

The Noise Factor

One of the primary concerns of squirrels in the attic is the incessant noise they generate. Whether it's the patter of tiny feet or the persistent gnawing on wood or wires, the sounds can disrupt your peace, especially during early morning or late evening hours.

Damage and Dangers

Beyond the noise, squirrels can cause significant structural damage. They chew on electrical wiring, potentially creating fire hazards and damaging insulation, compromising your home's energy efficiency. Their nesting materials may attract other pests, and their droppings can pose health risks.

Dealing with squirrels in the attic requires professional intervention. Critter Stop specializes in humane squirrel removal, safeguarding your property, and restoring tranquility to your Richardson home. Don't let these unwelcome intruders disrupt your life.

Why Choose Critter Stop for Squirrel Removal in Richardson?

Here's why you should choose us:

  1. Expertise in Squirrel Removal
  • Our team specializes in humane squirrel removal in Richardson, ensuring the safety of both your property and the squirrels.
  • We have years of experience dealing with squirrel infestations in the area.
  1. Affordable Solutions
  • Worried about the cost for squirrel removal? Critter Stop offers a competitive price without compromising on the quality of service.
  • We provide transparent, upfront quotes so you know exactly what to expect.
  1. Effective Techniques
  • We employ the latest trapping and exclusion methods to ensure the complete removal of squirrels from your property.
  • Our techniques are environmentally friendly and in line with local regulations.
  1. Property Restoration
  • Beyond removal, we offer comprehensive services, including repairs and preventive measures to keep squirrels from returning.
  • Your property will be restored to its pre-infestation state.
  1. Customer Satisfaction
  • Our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is unparalleled. We prioritize your peace of mind throughout every step of the process. 
  • Our team, characterized by its friendliness and expertise, stands prepared to address any concerns you may have promptly.

Squirrel Trapping and Removal in Richardson

Our squirrel trapping and removal process in Richardson is a swift and efficient solution to your pest problems. Here's how it works:

  • Assessment: Our experts assess your property to identify squirrel entry points, nesting sites and food sources.
  • Strategic Trapping: We strategically place traps to capture squirrels safely.
  • Humane Extraction: Once we catch it, we remove the squirrels without harm.
  • Repairs: We repair entry points to prevent future infestations.
  • Exclusion: Implementing exclusion measures keeps your property squirrel-free.
  • Clean-Up: We clean and sanitize affected areas, removing nests and droppings.
  • Restoration: Your property is restored to its pre-infestation state.

If you live in Richardson and you have squirrels in your attic or walls, you can count on Critter Stop for fast and humane removal services. Trust our expertise, dedication, and range of solutions to swiftly solve your wildlife issues. We take a lot of pride in being Richardson’s go-to wildlife removal company and continually providing high-quality work that is both permanent and cosmetically appealing, all with excellent customer service. With a shop on Arapaho road, we are in Richardson on a daily basis! Call today at (214) 234-2616 for a free inspection and estimate. Get the situation under control now!




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Lee Gorman
Lee Gorman
13:50 21 Nov 22
I’d give a 10 star review if I could! We had a great experience with Critter Stop. Everyone I dealt was friendly, professional, and reassuring. Phillip was very helpful and knowledgeable about the work he was doing. He walked me around the entire house to make sure I saw and understood the services he provided. He was also really nice and answered all my questions — he is exactly the type of person that should be interacting with customers.I love the fact that they will come back for up to 1 year after installation if any problems occur — this shows me they stand behind their work.The owner was great too, he personally came to my house and walked me through their offering. I recommend critter stop to anyone and everyone!
Susan Casey
Susan Casey
14:53 15 Nov 22
Critter Stop is a fantastic business! Everyone involved is extremely professional and very easy to communicate with. Chisam, the owner, did a great job of explaining the process to get the squirrels out of my attic during the initial free estimate. The exclusion crew who did all of the initial work was fabulous. The crew consisted of Phillip, Nick and Corey who arrived promptly when they said they would. They are happy, positive employees. Everyone is very polite and patient in explaining their work and answering questions. They came back several times to check the traps and finish it off with the fogging. Lester was very good about following up to schedule each trap check with me, and the office staff who took care of the billing was very efficient. Critter Stop is a well run company with honest, trustworthy employees! Thank you to all of you who worked hard to make my attic critter free and for the peace of mind that you guarantee your work. Great to know I can call them if for some reason a squirrel figures out a way to get back in!
Karen Eckholdt
Karen Eckholdt
14:54 22 Sep 22
Critter Stop has made this project easy and extremely professional from start to finish! They are very detailed and competent from start to finish and know so much about their business. They made a problem easy for us and at a reasonable cost. We would be happy to recommend this company and their owners and staff to anyone.
Aaron Echols
Aaron Echols
13:51 03 Aug 22
The guys at Critter Stop responded quickly, were very friendly, and gave us an honest estimate of what we might need. They explained why some items on other quotes were or were not necessary. They communicated well to get us scheduled, and did the work well and quickly. Great service at a fair and competitive price.
Jacob Scribner
Jacob Scribner
19:23 27 Jul 22
Brandon and his other coworker Gavin came to install insulation in my attic. I am very grateful for the hard work and professionalism. My house feels a lot better with the insulation installed. 5 star review. Cory Leach was also very nice and helpful. He came to my house to do another job and was very attentive and professional. Thank you Corey and thank you Critter Stop for helping me.The owner very polite and helpful, I’m glad I found this company to help me.
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