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Are Rodents in My Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Home a Fire Hazard?

Fire Hazard Rodent

If you’re dealing with a rodent or wildlife infestation in your Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex home, the nesting and sanitation issues will likely send you running for your phone to call the Critter Stop team. What many home and business owners don’t know is that left alone for too long rodent infestation is also a huge risk factor associated with water and fire damage. At Critter Stop, we partner with Restoration 1 to provide home repair services when rats and mice leave destruction in their wake. If you notice signs of unwanted visitors in your home or office, get started with safe, eco-friendly rodent removal services from the Critter stop team, and we’ll partner with Restoration 1 to ensure your home looks great when we’re done.

How can Rodent Infestation Lead to Fire?

Rat chewing on an electrical wire in an attic which could lead to a fire

Rodents are notorious for chewing. They will gnaw through insulation, walls, linens, books, and just about anything you leave laying around. While this destructive habit is bad enough on its own, the real issues can occur when rodents find their way to plumbing and the insulation around electrical wiring. If a rodent chews through plumbing pipes, the hole might start out small, leading to a drip somewhere in the walls, attic, or crawlspace that can cause mold, rot, and other damage. However, rodents gnawing on plumbing can also lead to serious leaks that flood your home. While this is definitely not ideal, the greater concern may be the risk of fire. A mouse or rat can destroy the insulation around electrical wires, exposing electrical current and possibly leaving behind kindling for a fire! Luckily, the Critter Stop team works with Restoration 1 to offer a complete range of quality home repair solutions when rodents or other wildlife in the home leaves you with a disaster on your hands.

How do I Know I Have Rodents in the House?

‍If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, you are likely to notice some of the following warning signs:

  • Droppings and grease marks
  • Sounds of skittering or clawing in walls, attic, crawlspaces
  • Signs of chewing
  • Nesting materials

What Happens if I have a Fire or Water Damage?

Fire and water damage caused by a rodent infestation.

If you have damage to your home from rodents or wildlife, the Critter Stop team partners with local specialists at Restoration 1. This team of certified professionals offers a range of home repair services, including restoration after water and fire damage. Like Critter Stop, the

Restoration 1 team stand behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured you’ll be happy with the results.

How can Critter Stop Help?

At Critter Stop, we want to help you avoid damage from rodent infestation. When you notice the first signs that there’s a mouse or rate in your home, call us right away. We’ll get to work as soon as possible ridding your home of rodents, sealing up the entry points, and sanitizing your home. We use eco-friendly rodent removal methods that are safe and healthy for your family and pets and the environment, and our knowledgeable team members proudly stand behind the work that we provide with a satisfaction guarantee.

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