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Critter Stop Offers the Best Customer Service in Dallas

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you need help getting rid of rodents, raccoons, and other wildlife from your home, you may think of some of those big names in pest removal. These corporate wildlife and pest removal service providers offer effective services to get rid of your rodent or wildlife problem for now, but what happens after they leave? Most of the big name companies don’t offer services like helping to remove waste and sanitize your home, repairing damage to your home, and they definitely don’t offer a lifetime guarantee. If you’ve been wondering why you should work with Critter Stop, our answer is simple. In addition to getting rid of rodents or other wildlife in and around your home, we also remove waste and damaged materials from your home, repair damage whenever possible, and we stand behind our work with a lifetime guarantee. In short, we don’t offer a quick fix or Band-Aid for your pest problems - we offer a lasting solution and stand behind our work. Located in Southlake, our team of specialists is happy to provide residential and corporate rodent and wildlife removal in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all surrounding communities. If you want to learn more, get started with a call to our Dallas-Fort Worth Metro team. We’ll schedule a time to come out to your home for our thorough inspection and price quote.

Critter Stop ensuring customer satisfaction at a clients house in Dallas.

Our Rodent & Wildlife Removal Lifetime Guarantee

Many pest control providers offer a guarantee for a year or more, but Critter Stop takes it a step further offering a Lifetime Guarantee. You won’t need to break out your magnifying glass to read the fine print on this guarantee. It’s simple. If you have rodents or wildlife return to your home after we complete our work, we’ll come back out, remove the pest, reseal access holes (old and new), and make sure your home is sanitized.

Transparency in Pricing

Many of our clients tell us they had a bad experience in the past with wildlife removal specialists who quoted them a low price. Then, it seemed like added fees were accruing on a daily basis. At Critter Stop, we believe transparency in pricing is essential. We begin our process with a through home inspection, so we can give you an accurate price quote before we get started.

Rodent & Wildlife Removal Results that Exceed Expectations


Following our thorough inspection, we get to work sealing off all entry points to prevent additional rodents and wildlife from entering your home. Next, we remove rodents and wildlife. Finally, we sanitize the areas where rodents or wildlife have made themselves at home. Best of all, our safe and effective pest removal process is completely poison-free. That means it’s also completely safe for your family!

A Team Who Stands Behind the Work

Chisam Reiter is the CEO and owner of Critter Stop, and he has worked hard to surround himself with a team of specialists who will work to meet his high standards and exceed your expectations. Our customer service standards ensure you’ll get the critter-free home you need from a team of professionals who will always answer your questions, take the time to explain their process, and treat you, your family, and your home with respect.

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