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Do Mothballs Keep Flies Away? An In-depth Exploration

do mothballs keep flies away, keep flies away from food


In the pursuit of a fly-free environment, homeowners often turn to various methods and solutions. Among these, the use of mothballs has been a topic of discussion. Originally designed for protecting clothes from moths by releasing a potent odor, mothballs have also been rumored to repel various pests, including flies. This comprehensive exploration delves into the effectiveness of mothballs in keeping flies at bay and presents alternative, humane solutions for pest control.

Understanding Mothballs: Composition and Function

will mothballs keep flies away, how to keep flies away from food

Mothballs are composed primarily of naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. These chemicals undergo sublimation, turning from a solid to a gas, and release a strong, pungent odor designed to deter moths and prevent them from laying eggs on textiles.

The Efficacy of Mothballs Against Flies

While effective against moths and certain pests, the impact of mothballs on flies is less certain. Flies are attracted to different stimuli, such as food sources and certain scents, rather than being deterred by specific odors.

Scientific Studies and Expert Opinions

do mothballs keep flies away, keep flies away from food

Limited research indicates that mothballs can temporarily repel some fly species, particularly in enclosed spaces. However, they are not the most efficient method for controlling fly populations. Experts recommend exploring safer and more targeted approaches.

Health Concerns and Safety Precautions

Given the toxic nature of naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene, it's important to use mothballs cautiously. Prolonged exposure can cause respiratory issues, skin irritation, and other health problems. In households with children and pets, their use should be particularly restricted.

Alternative Methods to Control Flies

will mothballs keep flies away, how to keep flies away from food

To keep flies away from food and the various spaces on your property, consider these safer and more focused strategies:

  • Proper Sanitation: Maintain cleanliness in your home and surroundings to deter flies.
  • Physical Barriers: Install screens on windows and doors to prevent flies from entering.
  • Natural Repellents: Use plants like lavender, basil, and marigold to naturally repel flies.
  • Electronic Fly Traps: Opt for these devices to capture flies without harmful chemicals.

Integrated Pest Management for Long-Term Fly Control

If you’re wondering how to keep flies away from food, an integrated approach, combining multiple strategies, is better for sustainable fly management. This includes:

  • Monitoring and Identification: Accurately identify fly species to tailor control methods.
  • Biological Control: Utilize natural predators like certain wasps or spiders to reduce fly populations.
  • Chemical Control: Use insecticides judiciously and opt for targeted treatments.
  • Cultural Control: Modify environments to make them less attractive to flies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mothballs and Flies

do mothballs keep flies away, keep flies away from food
  • Will mothballs keep flies away outdoors?

While mothballs can have some outdoor effect, their effectiveness diminishes in open spaces.

  • Are specific fly types more repelled by mothballs?

Smaller species, like fruit flies, might be more deterred than larger species, such as houseflies, though comprehensive studies are lacking.

  • How long do mothballs last as a fly repellent?

In enclosed spaces, mothballs can work for several months, but this reduces to days in ventilated areas.

Why Choose Critter Stop for Your Pest Control Needs?

Critter Stop is renowned for its humane and high-quality approach to wildlife and pest control. With a fantastic reputation and glowing customer reviews, we offer effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. If you're seeking a more effective and more permanent alternative to mothballs for controlling flies and other pests, we’re here to help! Our expert team provides unparalleled service to commercial and residential customers in Texas, and we offer industry-leading guarantees. Contact Us at (214) 234-2616 and book your free inspection and estimate today!


While mothballs may offer a temporary solution for specific fly problems, they are neither a reliable nor safe method for general fly control. Embracing a holistic approach that includes sanitation, barriers, natural deterrents, and judicious chemical use yields better, more sustainable results. Prioritize safety and efficacy in pest control, and remember, for professional, humane solutions, Critter Stop is your go-to provider.

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