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Effective Yet Simple Methods of Rat Control

Rat Control

Rodents are small mammals that gnaw and have sharp incisors teeth. They could be mice or rats that cause disturbance to your home. They can damage buildings or property and can cause severe damage like house fires when they chew on electrical wires.

Rodents may contaminate food, water, or surfaces through their urine and stool around your household. They also transmit diseases when they have skin contact with human beings. Rodents will multiply faster if there are favorable conditions for their breeding such as shelter, food, and water.

You will notice the presence of rodents by identifying the following:

  • Chewed or gnaw marks on your items or food packages
  • There might be an unwelcomed odor around the home
  • Footprints track and urine stains or a pile of droppings around areas they feed or nest.
  • There will be nests that are made of soft material such as paper, dried plants, or fabric
  • Rats make scratching sounds or noises on floors or inside walls

Simple Ways of Controlling Rats

1. You Can Use Snap Traps

They have been used for a long time. Snap trap is an effective and inexpensive way of rat removal. One can pre-bait a snap trap using baits such as food to attract the rats to the snap trap.

After a catch is made it can be disposed of with the rat or reused. The snap trap is placed in areas with evidence of high rodent activity. These areas could include: behind large objects, dark corners, or alongside walls.

2. Glue Traps

Also known as glue board, they are designed with a stick and adhesive surface that will attract the rat to it. The glue trap will make them stuck and unable to escape then they suffocate and die.

Glue traps are a non-toxic way of rodent control. Their sizes vary depending on whether it's a mouse or a rat; larger boards are usually for rats. The glue traps could be placed in areas such as along walls or areas they travel.

3. Live Traps Can Also Be Used in Rat Removal

They are used when one wants to get rid of rats without harming or killing them. The best way to catch a rat or mouse is by using bait such a peanut butter and placing it on one end to attract the rat into the trap. Once a rodent is caught in the live trap, it can be released in its natural habitat.

Make sure to continually inspect it to make sure a catch has been completed. Protective equipment such as masks and gloves are essential when disposing of the rodent.

4. Electronic Traps Are an Effective Way of Killing Rodents

They aim at destroying the rodent using electrical shock. They are battery or mains-powered. They need little bait to attract the rodents and will continue killing until the battery runs out.

Some brands offer an indication of the trap once a mouse or rat has been trapped. The electronic equipment is reusable, and one does not need to touch the rodent to remove it.

5 Rodenticides Usage Is Another Effective Method

These are pesticides that are used to kill rodents like rats and mice. They are poisonous and are usually created like baits in a way that attracts the rodent to it. It is essential to be careful when using this method to remove rats.

One should follow the label of the rodenticide correctly and make sure to identify the type of rodent to be eliminated first. Also, these rodenticides should be placed in an area far from children as they can be attractive to them. They are dangerous and toxic if eaten by any living thing.

Choose the best and most effective rodent control method to remove rodents from your home. Remember that handling rodents in your home could be dangerous. After removing mice and rats make sure to check your home and remove any means of entry such as holes and favorable spaces for survival such as food, shelter, and water. It will ensure the house is rodent-free in the future. There are many ways to eliminate your rodent issue but none of these are permanent and the problem will reoccur until the entry points and weak points of the home are sealed, a trapping process is performed, and your home is sanitized.

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