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Homemade Traps for Squirrels: Effective DIY Solutions for Pest Control

homemade traps for squirrels

Homeowners who enjoy gardening or simply want to keep their property free from pesky squirrels may find themselves in need of a solution to keep these furry creatures at bay. Commercial squirrel traps are widely available, although they can be expensive, and there is no assurance of their effectiveness. Fortunately, there are several homemade traps for squirrels. Solutions that are simple to put into practice, yet nevertheless incredibly beneficial and effective.

One popular type of homemade squirrel trap is the bucket trap. This involves placing a bucket with bait in the bottom, and a ramp leading up to the top. When the squirrel climbs up the ramp to get to the bait, they fall into the bucket and are unable to climb back out. The tube trap is an additional choice; it consists of a length of PVC tubing with bait positioned at one end. When the squirrel enters the tube to get to the bait, a door closes behind them, trapping them inside.

It is important to note that trapping squirrels may not always be legal in all areas, so it is important to check local regulations before attempting to trap them. Furthermore, it is critical to humanely and carefully release squirrels that have become stuck, perhaps in a nearby forested area. With a little patience, homemade traps for squirrels can be an effective solution for keeping these critters out of your garden or off your property.

Understanding Squirrel Behavior

backyard squirrels

Squirrel Habitats

Squirrels are known to inhabit a wide variety of environments, ranging from forests to urban areas. They are often found in trees, where they build nests called dreys. "Dreys" are nests that squirrels build for themselves. They usually make these nests using twigs, leaves, and other materials they can find around them, and are located high up in the branches of trees. In urban areas, squirrels may also build nests in attics, chimneys, and other structures.

Feeding Patterns

Squirrels are omnivores who eat both plants and other things like insects and small animals. They have an incredibly diverse diet, comprising nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, and even small animals. In urban areas, squirrels may also scavenge for food in trash cans and other sources.

Common Squirrel Species

traps for squirrels

There are countless varieties of squirrels inhabiting the world, each with its unique traits and characteristics. The three types of squirrels are the gray squirrel, the red squirrel, and the fox squirrel. Gray squirrels are the most widespread species and are found in many different habitats. Red squirrels are typically found in coniferous forests, while fox squirrels are found in a variety of habitats, including forests, urban areas, and agricultural fields.

Understanding squirrel behavior is an important part of building effective homemade traps. By knowing where squirrels live, what they eat, and what species are common in your area, you can create traps that are more likely to be successful.

Designing and Building Homemade Squirrel Traps

squirrels backyards

When it comes to trapping squirrels in the backyard, homemade traps can be a cost-effective and efficient solution. However, it is important to design and build the trap with safety in mind for both the person setting the trap and the squirrels.

Safety Considerations

Before designing and building a homemade squirrel trap, it is important to consider safety. The trap should be designed in a way that minimizes harm to the squirrel and prevents injury to the person setting the trap. It is also important to use gloves when handling the trap to prevent the transfer of scent.

Materials and Tools

To build a homemade squirrel trap, you will need a few basic materials and tools. This includes:

Wire mesh

Wood planks




Bait (such as nuts or seeds)


Wire cutters


Step-by-Step Construction Guide

First, cut the wire mesh to the desired size for the trap. It should be large enough to fit a squirrel but small enough to prevent escape.

Cut the wood planks to the appropriate size for the base and walls of the trap.

Assemble the walls of the trap using the wood planks and screws.

Attach the hinges to the top of one of the walls to create a door for the trap.

Cut a small hole in the opposite wall of the door for the bait.

Attach the wire mesh to the walls of the trap using nails or screws.

Set the trap in a location where squirrels are known to frequent.

To lure the prey into the trap, use nuts or seeds as bait.

Check the trap regularly and release any trapped squirrels in a safe location.

Placement and Baiting

homemade traps for squirrels

When placing the trap, it is important to choose a location where squirrels are known to frequent. This can include near bird feeders or in areas where squirrels have been seen gathering food.

Baiting the trap with nuts or seeds can help attract squirrels to the trap. It is important to use enough bait to entice the squirrel without overloading the trap.

By following these steps, homeowners can design and build a homemade squirrel trap that is safe and effective for trapping backyard squirrels.

Bonus Trap #1:

This homemade squirrel trap utilizes a large PVC pipe, a fulcrum, and a trap door to catch unsuspecting squirrels. Check out the video below to see for yourself!

How to Make ● a Humane PVC SQUIRREL TRAP (that works!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a simple squirrel trap using household items?

There are several ways to create a simple squirrel trap using household items. Using a cardboard box or a plastic bin, it’s one of the easiest ways. Cut a small hole in one end of the box or bin and attach a piece of string to the lid. Put some bait inside the box or bin and wait for the squirrel to enter. Once the squirrel is inside, pull the string to close the lid and trap the squirrel.

What is the most effective bait for luring squirrels into a trap?

The most effective bait for luring squirrels into a trap is peanut butter. Squirrels love the smell and taste of peanut butter, and it is easy to spread on a trap trigger. Other good baits include nuts, seeds, and fruit.

Are there any effective bucket trap designs for catching squirrels?

Yes, there are several effective bucket trap designs for catching squirrels. One popular design involves placing a bucket on its side and propping it up with a stick. Attach a string to the stick and tie it to a piece of bait, such as peanut butter or a nut. When the squirrel tries to take the bait, the stick will fall, and the bucket will trap the squirrel.

What are the best practices for trapping squirrels indoors?

When trapping squirrels indoors, it is important to use a humane trap that will not harm the squirrel. Please place the trap in an area where the squirrel can access it, such as near a window or door. Once the squirrel is trapped, release it outside in a safe location.

How can I build a squirrel trap using sticks or a plastic bottle?

One way to build a squirrel trap using sticks or a plastic bottle is to create a funnel trap. To make a funnel, cut off the top part of a plastic bottle and then turn it upside down. Attach sticks to the sides of the bottle to create a funnel shape. Place some bait inside the bottle and wait for the squirrel to enter. Once the squirrel is inside, it will be trapped and unable to escape.

Critter Stop: Your Solution for Squirrel Concerns

Squirrels, notorious for their intrusive behaviors and property damage, often pose a significant challenge to homeowners. However, when faced with the nuisance of squirrel infestations or the need for effective removal services, the solution can be found with Critter Stop.

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