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How to Remove Moles in Your Yard

How to Remove Moles in Your Yard

Imagine you have put a lot of hard work into maintaining a beautiful garden. However, one fine day when you wake up in the morning, you notice your beautiful lawn crisscrossed by a web of tunnels and mounds. It can be a terrible feeling, but homeowners in Texas that are fond of gardening often have to experience it. 

‍Moles might look small, cute, and harmless. However, in reality, they can turn your beautiful garden into an absolute mess within a short time. These little diggers are capable of making huge tunnels in your garden, destroying all your precious plants and flowerbeds. One of the homeowner's worst nightmares is that their lush garden or backyard becomes infested by moles. 

‍Like other rodents, moles are fond of hiding too. Therefore, homeowners might not notice their presence until they turn your lush garden into a construction site to make their presence obvious. You should know you have got a mole around when you see small tunnels in your lawn with little volcanoes of soil here and there. 

‍Once the attractive garden is destroyed by moles, the homeowners might get tempted to kill these little creatures. However, the good approach is to get rid of them naturally and make your garden mole-proof. Not sure how to do that? Keep on reading!

Understanding the Mole Behavior 

To prevent a mole from entering your property, you must understand its behavior. Moles are small burrowing animals that many people believe are related to the big-time chewers - rats and mice. While moles might look similar to mice, they are entirely different creatures. 

‍Moles might have poorly developed eyes but have a sharp sense of touch. Also, they have sharp and long snouts, making it easy for them to dig as many tunnels as they want. Instead of feeding on the roots of plants and trees, they look for their favorite insects. 

‍While moles might be useful in eliminating all the destructive insects from your yard, they are quite destructive themselves. Therefore, whenever you notice a tunnel with a small volcano of soil, you must take quick action and call a reliable mole rodent removal company in your locality. 

What Attracts Moles to Your Yard? 

Moles spend most of their time in tunnels. Therefore, they choose the yard for digging tunnels with the ideal habitat for digging, burrowing, and feeding. To help you understand the mole's behavior better, here are a few major attractants for moles in your yard: 

Insects in Abundance 

Moles eat a lot of insects. They are capable of eating insects up to 100% of their body weight each day. Therefore, they always choose a yard or lawn for digging tunnels with abundant insects. 

‍When it comes to insects, they do not have any favorites. They can eat any insect, from earthworms to white grubs, beetles, and larvae. Therefore, if your backyard or lawn has a lot of insects, there might be huge traffic of moles visiting your property. 

Cool Temperature 

Many people have assumed moles to be nocturnal or completely blind. However, it is not true at all. They are active at all parts of the day and prefer moist and cool soil that helps them keep their temperature in control. 

‍If your lawn or backyard has a lot of trees keeping the overall temperature cool, moles will definitely be attracted to your property. 

How to Get Rid of Moles Naturally? 

Getting rid of moles all by yourself might seem challenging to many homeowners. However, you can eliminate these tiny trouble-makers with the most effective tips and tricks. Here are a few effective remedies to eliminate moles and reclaim your yard or lawn:

Eliminate Their Food Sources 

Unlike other pests, moles do have a special food preference - insects. Therefore, to eliminate moles from your yard, you must eliminate grubs and other insects. By doing so, you will be able to relocate the moles to a yard with a steady supply of insects. 

‍Not sure how to remove the grubs and insects from your yard? Use nematodes or milk spores to control your yard's grub and other insect populations. Also, you can use an insecticide. However, it may not always work as moles are a little unpredictable too. They can start feeding on other food sources. 

Apply a Repellent 

In the past, many homeowners have dealt with mole infestations themselves by using few effective mole repellents. However, if you don't want to spend your money on purchasing a commercial mole repellent, you can make your own mole repellent by using a few simple ingredients that can easily be found in your pantry. 

  • One part castor oil
  • One part dish soap

‍Take a few tablespoons of this mixture and put it in a gallon of water. Later, soak the tunnels and entrances of your yard with this prepared solution. For this method to work effectively, you will have to re-apply it regularly, especially after rain or storm. 

Grow Fragrant Plants 

Like other pests, moles also have sensitive noses. Therefore, growing plants and trees with strong fragrances in your yard can keep the moles away from it. Moles hate plants with strong scents like daffodils, marigolds, and anything in the allium family. Therefore, planting them around the edges of your garden can help you create a natural barrier around it. 

‍However, if you do not have time for growing and maintaining plants, you can buy a ready-made mole barrier from the local garden store. 

Install Sonic Spike 

Moles don't like digging tunnels in areas with a disruptive environment. Therefore, installing a sonic spike can help you deter the moles from your yard. Just purchase a reliable sonic spike from your local garden store and insert it into the ground in your backyard. The spike will make irritating noises to encourage the moles to dig somewhere else. 

‍However, many homeowners have not found this mole rodent removal method effective at all. It might happen because, after some time, moles get used to these irritating sounds.

Keep Your Lawn Maintained 

Like rats and mice, moles also are fond of hiding. Therefore, they will always look for a yard or garden with long grass and bushes where they can take cover to feel safest. However, by keeping your lawn tidy and well-maintained, you will be able to demolish their possible shelters and encourage them to go elsewhere. 

‍Moreover, if you have any wood or organic debris piles, you must remove them immediately. Else, they will soon become the safest cover for moles and other rodents. The more your lawn is clean and well-maintained, the more it will be unattractive to moles. 


What if all the above-mentioned mole rat removal methods are not working and moles have become significant in numbers? Well, in that case, trapping is a good option to control the mole population in your yard. Not only is it the fastest way to get rid of moles from your yard, but also it is the most effective mole rodent removal method. 

‍However, the wiser decision would be to hire a professional mole rodent removal company to trap the moles in your yard. Contact Critter Stop - a reliable mole rodent removal company in Texas. We will help you remove the existing ones as well as suggest some preventive methods to avoid future mole infestations. 

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