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Rodent Control for Restaurants

Rodent Control for Restaurants

It is not easy for business owners to make profits. However, it can be more challenging for restaurant owners. With the increased price of food, supplies, and labor, it can be difficult for them to keep their heads out of the water. However, the challenge can become even steeper with the added cost of insurance, utility bills, and unexpected repairs. 

‍With making profits being this difficult, the last thing a restaurant owner wants to have is an active rodent infestation in their property. Rodents are often depicted as cute cartoon characters. From the secret squirrel to mickey mouse and ratatouille, people have laughed at their antics for many years.

‍However, in reality, rats and other rodents can only be associated with infections and many harmful diseases. The situation is even worse if they have invaded a property that serves food to many people - a restaurant or a cafe. Just imagine how horrifying it can be if a rodent makes an appearance when waiters serve the food.

‍Commercial rat control can be challenging because restaurants offer all the things rodents seek for feeding and breeding - food, water, and shelter. While many restaurants in Texas have taken precautionary measures to get rid of rats in the kitchenit is still a common problem for eateries, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses all around the country.

What Are the Dangers of Real-Life Rodents in a Restaurant?

Whenever rats or mice appeared in the movies, people jumped up on chairs and screamed at high pitch. However, the reaction to a rat or mouse running on a restaurant floor is the same in real life.

‍Despite striking fear in people, rodents can cause a huge nuisance for restaurant owners. They might appear cute and cuddly. However, you must not be fooled by their cuddly exterior, as rodents are a big deal if they gain access to your commercial kitchen. Some of the problems that rodents can cause in a restaurant are:

Harmful Diseases

There is a good reason to fear the presence of mice and rats in the kitchen. They are capable of transmitting many harmful diseases to people. They usually carry many infected ticks, fleas, and mites in their fur. Also, rodents, mainly rats and mice, urinate and defecate quite frequently. So, it will not take them long to spread harmful microorganisms from one end of the business to the other. 

‍When they roam around the kitchen, they will make many food sources inedible and transmit many harmful diseases, including:

  • Leptospirosis 
  • Plague
  • Rat-bite fever
  • Tularemia 
  • Salmonellosis

‍Rodent infestation in your restaurant can make your customers ill and cause your reputation to be tarnished completely, resulting in a huge setback to your business. That's why all restaurants need to take precautionary measures for restaurant pest control, no matter how big or small they are.

Contaminate Food 

Rodents are big-time chewers. They will chew through the packaging and contaminate the food inside. Once the food packaging has gnawed marks of rodents, you will have to throw them out instantly; otherwise, the health of your customers and employees will be at considerable risk.

‍A rodent infestation in your restaurant can result in massive food wastage and increased operational costs. After a rodent infestation, you will have to vacate your pantry and clean it thoroughly until everything is squeaky clean.

Structural Damage

As mentioned above, rodents will chew through anything to keep their long teeth trimmed. Whether it is food packaging, insulation, wood, drywall, plastic, rubber, or electrical wires and cables, rodents will chew through anything they find, resulting in huge structural damage to your restaurant.

‍According to many reports, many restaurants worldwide often catch fire because of chewed electric wires and cables.

Rapid Reproduction Rate

The worst thing about rodent infestation is that these nasty creatures have an insanely fast reproduction rate. If rats have gained access to your commercial kitchen, they will build their own little army within three months. Six female rats can give birth to 60 babies in just three months.

‍So, if immediate action for rat removal is not taken, your restaurant will become severely infested by rats within no time.

Signs of Rodent Infestation in Your Restaurant 

You must be wondering how you will know that there is an active rodent infestation in your restaurant? To help you know before it gets too late, here are the most common signs of active rodent infestation in a restaurant:

  • Holes in walls
  • Nests
  • Grease marks along the walls
  • Droppings
  • Pungent odors
  • Scratching noises, especially during nighttime
  • Gnaw marks on the packaged food items 

So, if you suspect that there are rodents nesting in your restaurant, you must lookout for these signs and address the problem quickly. Restaurants don't have the luxury of putting commercial rat control on hold as their livelihood will be at stake. 

5 Tips to Keep Rodents Out of Your Restaurant 

Usually, doors and windows of restaurants are often left open for the customers. However, these open doors also provide easy access to rodents. So, restaurant owners must take precautionary measures to avoid rodent infestation in their commercial kitchen or outdoor dining area.

‍Some of the powerful tips for commercial rat control are:

Take Care of Garbage and Trash

The abundance of food leftovers that restaurants usually discard can be quite appealing to rodents. Therefore, it is essential to remove any food leftovers quickly and empty the trash cans multiple times during the day. 

‍Also, you must secure all the trash cans and dumpster lids. Furthermore, suppose you want to prevent rodents from entering your commercial kitchen. In that case, you must place your trash cans or garbage containers away from entrances and buildings to discourage any rodent entry. 

Secure Sources of Food and Water 

It is impossible to remove all the rodent attractants such as water and food sources in a restaurant or a cafe. However, you can keep them secure and covered unless it is being prepared or served. 

‍Also, if you want to prevent rodents from entering your commercial kitchen, you must keep your kitchen and dining areas clean all the time. While cleaning the kitchen and dining areas, pay special attention to crumbs that settle into crevices. Also, make sure to keep the counters and floor dry at the closing time of business each day.


Rodents are fond of hiding places. They look for areas to nest and breed and can increase in numbers rapidly when there are sufficient food and water sources. Suppose you have any place in your restaurant that keeps clutter, such as boxes, broken furniture, or unused items. In that case, you must inspect it regularly to look for any possible rodent infestation.

‍Furthermore, you must keep it clean and get rid of any unnecessary clutter. Otherwise, it will soon become a nesting place for the rodents' little army. 

Maintain Your Landscaping

Regular trimming and mowing around your restaurant will not only help you make the exterior more inviting for the customers, but it will also make the exterior less favorable for the rodents.

‍Rodents are fond of thick vegetation and bushes. So, you must keep your landscaping well-maintained to prevent rodents from living and hiding around the perimeter of your restaurant, waiting for the opportunity to sneak in. 

Stay On Top of Repairs 

Rodents - these nasty creatures can enter your restaurant through anything. From doorways to small cracks and holes in walls, rats can access your restaurant and cause a huge nuisance for you. They can squeeze through even the smallest holes and cracks. 

‍Therefore, to prevent rodents from entering your restaurant, you must seal all the exterior cracks and holes. Also, repair any broken roof vents or window screens to prevent any rodent infestation in your restaurant.

‍Furthermore, you must inspect the exterior and interior of your restaurant after a month to look for any possible rodent entry points. If there are any, seal them immediately before it gets too late. 


For restaurants - it is all about good reputation and hygienic food served on the tables. However, nothing angers customers more than the potential of unhealthy and unhygienic food coming out of a kitchen. When customers visit your restaurant, they trust your safety standards, and the food you serve will not make them sick. 

‍However, for many restaurants, it is a difficult task to manage while dealing with an active rodent infestation. These nasty creatures can easily access the commercial kitchen and transmit many harmful diseases through their fur, droppings, and saliva. Even a single sighting of a rodent can bring many bad reviews from the customers and put a question mark on your restaurant's reputation.

‍Therefore, restaurant owners must take all the precautionary measures for commercial rat control. However, if rodents have severely infested your restaurant, you must take help from any professional rat removal company. Critter Stop is a reliable rodent removal service providing company in Texas. We will make sure that rodents don't get a seat at your restaurant. Contact us to make your restaurant rodent-free.

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