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How Can Rodent Removal From Your Attic Save You Thousands in the Future?

How Can Rodent Removal From Your Attic Save You Thousands in the Future?

Do you hear noises of partying rodents in your attic? Do you find it difficult to sleep at night due to the scratching noises of rodents? Rodents are quite fond of warm and dark places. Sounds familiar, right? Your attic can be a perfect spot for rodents, especially rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons, to build their homes. 

There is nothing more unsettling than knowing your attic is severely infested with rodents. Not only will they make scratching noises at night, but they are also known to carry many contagious diseases wherever they go. 

Therefore, if you suspect an active rodent infestation in your attic, you must act fast before the problems worsen. If left unattended, rodents will multiply in numbers as their reproduction rate is insanely fast. The more they are in number, the higher the risk of spreading many harmful diseases and causing a tremendous amount of damage to your property. 

So, homeowners must never take a rodent infestation lightly. When rodents have invaded your property, it is necessary to consult with a professional rodent removal service immediately to avoid severe problems in the future.

7 Signs of Rodents Infestation in your Attic 

A tidy and well-maintained house is always rodent-free, right? Not necessarily. Rodents are attracted to homes for various reasons, many of which have nothing to do with cleanliness. They do like messy and cluttered attics, but they can still enter your neat and clean attic for shelter and food. 

While some invaders may make it evident that they are there, generations of rodents can nest in your attic without a peep. Some of the most common signs of rodent infestation in your attic are:

  • Droppings
  • Urine odors
  • Gnawed holes
  • Grease marks along pipes or wires
  • Nests
  • Unusual noises
  • Making an appearance during the daytime (a sign of severe rodent infestation)

How Rapid Rodent Removal Will Help You Save Thousands in the Future?

Of course, you want the nasty creatures out of your house. However, rapid rodent removal is a good idea for more than just the obvious reasons. Getting rid of rodents from your attic can help you prevent many serious household issues and avoid significant health concerns, ultimately saving your home and, of course, your hard-earned money.

Some of the reasons why rapid rodent control can help you save a lot of money on repairs and replacement costs are:

Health Hazard

Rodents are filthy creatures that transmit many harmful diseases such as plague, hantavirus, salmonella, leptospirosis, and many others through their fur, droppings, and saliva. Rodents are not just a nuisance; they also pose a serious health risk.

They will contaminate food regardless of whether it is packed or not since they can so easily chew through food packaging. If rodents are left unattended, they will expose you and your loved ones to many harmful diseases, resulting in costly medical bills.

Electrical Wiring

Rodents have a habit of chewing to keep their long teeth trimmed. As a result, they will chew any and everything they can find. Once they have invaded your attic, they will soon find their way to scuttle between walls and chew up the electrical wiring along the way, putting you and your property at huge risk of an electrical fire.

‍Have you ever noticed your lights flickering for no reason at all? A rodent might be chewing on your wiring. If you have experienced this issue, it is highly recommended that you, or a trained professional, inspects your attic thoroughly to look for an active rodent infestation. While a chewed wire may be causing the flickering, finding the exact wire causing the issue will be much more difficult to pinpoint than the likely root of the issue – mice, rats, or squirrels in your attic.

‍If you have electrical appliances in your attic, they may be covered with rodent droppings, gnawed on, or have wires chewed, making the machine useless. Once rodents have gained access to your attic, they will soon find their way to enter the inside of your house, putting all your electrical appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, air conditioning systems, televisions, and many other household items at huge risk.

Therefore, if you want to keep your house's electrical appliances and electrical wiring safe and you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you should consider consulting with one of Texas' most reliable rat removal companies – Critter Stop. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot to repair and replace your electrical appliances.

‍Damage to Belongings

As mentioned above, rodents, mainly rats and squirrels, are pretty fond of chewing. They will chew something every day to keep their growing teeth short. Therefore, when rodents invade your attic or house, they will not hesitate to chew through your favorite winter jacket or summer dress. If you have any garments in the attic, they may become rodents' favorite nesting material no matter what the fabric or material is. 

‍Rodents will destroy many of your belongings during the period of their stay. From couches to clothing, blankets, and towels, rodents will munch on almost everything. Therefore, it is essential to take quick action for rodent removal to keep your belongings safe.

‍Otherwise, they will make many of your expensive belongings useless, and then you will have to spend a lot of money repairing and replacing them.


If rodents have invaded your attic, they will cause extensive damage to the insulation of your house. Attics are one of the important areas for home insulation. With attics being rodents favorite nesting place, this puts your insulation at risk. 

One of the biggest reasons rodents are attracted to attics is because the surface area is often filled with insulation. The warm and soft insulation will create a perfect environment for rodents to nest.

During their stay, rodents will either rip it up into tiny pieces to build their nests or nest directly in the insulation. Both scenarios produce similar results -  the efficiency of insulation is significantly compromised.

Also, rodents urinate and defecate frequently, littering your insulation with droppings and creating urine-soaked insulation that can be impossible to fully cleanse. If the contaminated insulation is not removed, it can transmit many harmful airborne diseases to you and your family. 

Therefore, it is recommended to get help from a professional rodent removal service to eliminate the rodents from your attic. Otherwise, they will cause extensive damage to the insulation of your house, resulting in an unsanitary and less energy-efficient home. 

If your home’s insulation is less efficient in limiting the heat transfer, you will notice a spike in your energy bills. You may save money by not calling a professional rodent removal service near you, but you will pay for it in the long run, via increasing energy bills. Worse yet, the cost of removing and replacing old insulation, which is all but inevitable if the problem goes unaddressed, is relatively high – especially when compared to the cost of simply eradicating the rodents. 

Thus, it is crucial to get rid of these nasty creatures as soon as possible. Otherwise, their ultimate cost to your family’s health and your pocketbook will increase with time.  Save yourself the cost of replacing your insulation by having the rodents removed immediately.

Uncontrollably Breeding

Rodents, especially rats and mice, have insanely fast reproduction rates. A single female rat can give birth to 10 babies within three months. It is easier and less expensive to get rid of one or three rats than eliminate a dozen or more. 

So, if you have rodents nesting in your attic or house, it is important to get rid of them immediately. Otherwise, they will continue to breed and take over your entire house month by month.


Rodents are fond of making their nests in hard-to-reach areas. Often they get stuck between the walls, resulting in foul odors lingering around your entire house. Also, rodents urinate and defecate frequently. So the longer they are in your house, the worse your attic, and sometimes your entire house, will reek of foul smells.

If you want the air quality of your attic or house to be better, you must get rid of these nasty creatures as soon as possible before they make your lovely house their restroom.

Why Do You Need a Rodent Removal Service?

Economic pressures along with a global pandemic have affected everyone. Many homeowners might think they can deal with a rodent infestation themselves, or a rodent removal service is not worth the investment. 

However, in reality, skimping on rodent removal service makes little sense in the long run. Kicking the can down the road by either ignoring the problem or putting a band-aid on the issue, will likely end up costing you much more in the long run. Therefore, it is often better to leave the job to the people with the necessary expertise - the rodent removal professionals.

Reputable rodent removal service provides such as Critter Stop will provide humane rodent removal and help you avoid rodent infestations for years to come.


A rodent-free home is undoubtedly a happy home. Even the sign of a single rodent is enough to give a severe headache to the homeowners. While many homeowners understand the importance of rapid rodent removalsome homeowners might take rodent infestation lightly. Rodents are not only capable of transmitting many harmful diseases, but they can also drain you of thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs in the future.

It is often better to get help from a reliable rodent removal company before the situation worsens. Critter Stop, with years of experience and hundreds of stellar online reviews from its customers, is one of the best rodent removal options in Texas. We will not only help you get rid of rodents from your attic or house but also help you remove your old contaminated insulation. Just give us a call, and we will get you taken care of!

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