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Signs of a Bird Infestation

Bird Infestion

While the birds that inhabit Dallas help to reduce the city’s population of insects and other pests, they can sometimes become pests themselves. To some, a bird infestation may not seem as serious as a rat problem, but an infestation of birds in your home or business can cause serious destruction and disruption. During infestation, the intruders (usually smaller birds), take up residence in your walls and even your chimney. Chimney swifts, grackles, house sparrows, and pigeons are just a few birds that might, one day, stake a claim on your property.

These common birds may seem harmless but can inflict considerable damage on your home or business if left to their own devices.

The Damage Birds Can Cause

Birds residing in your building can cause damage to your basement, garage, or attic. Birds must build nests to protect their family from the elements. Luckily, for the birds, your house has all the materials they need to build their nests. The destruction caused by birds can cause hundreds of dollars of repairs to your home or business.

Besides the physical damage, birds also leave behind droppings that can endanger you or your family’s health. Bird droppings are a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites which can lead to serious infections.

Histoplasmosis is a dangerous infection that comes from a fungus that grows on bird waste, causing humans to develop fever, cough, headaches, body aches, and in some cases, death.

Signs Your Property has a Bird Infestation

To protect your property, take some time to make yourself aware of the signs of a bird infestation.

By keeping an eye out for the following warning signs, you can recognize an infestation early and call in an expert before the birds inflict significant damage.

1. Large Groups

If you notice an increased bird population hanging around your property, particularly in the spring and summer months (when nesting is abundant) you could have an infestation.

2. Bird Droppings

Groupings of bird droppings in specific areas around your property could mean birds are living in your home or business. Use the droppings to locate the source, and by extension, the infestation.

3. Internal and External Damage

The most obvious sign of a bird infestation is damage to your roof or eaves. Holes in your roof or general damage to your eaves and rafter joints are indications of birds living in your building.

Holes in your attic or basement walls caused by birds foraging for nesting materials can also indicate a bird infestation. 

4. Feathers and Debris

Large clusters of feathers around your property and in your attic or basement are evidence that birds are dwelling in these areas. Birds tend to leave feathers and debris from building their nests inside your property.

Look for feathers and debris around your chimney, gutters, and window frames which are common places for birds to build their nests. Seeing this debris near property is a sure sign that your home or business has a bird infestation.

5. Noise

If bird sounds seem louder than usual, it could mean the birds are inside of your home.

Other noises that can alert you to an infestation include the sounds of baby birds crying, wings fluttering, or sounds of scratching in your walls or ceiling.


There are many ways to manage a bird infestation in your home. Some methods result in the animal’s death, while others take a more humane approach.

While inconvenient when they enter your home, many birds in Dallas are endangered. Because of this, Texas law protects it’s threatened species of birds.

Here are some of the methods used when dealing with a bird infestation:

  • Traps, glue boards, and poisons: Exterminators commonly use these practices to curb infestations of pests such as rats and other vermin. But birds must be managed differently, especially if endangered. These removal techniques can create health hazards for both humans and pets if a trapped, decaying animal is left in the home or business without disposal.
  • Shooting: Shooting birds as a means of pest control is common practice, but can be dangerous to humans nearby, other animals, or sometimes violates state or local laws. There is also a high possibility of the bird suffering with this method because of the inefficiency of shooting a moving target.
  • Encouraging birds to fly out: Birds avoid humans by nature. Encouraging the birds to exit the attic or basement is a simple, safe, and effective way to get rid of the birds while causing them no harm.
  • Large cages: Birds seek refuge indoors when they cannot find food or are suffering from the elements. A safe and humane way to remove birds from a home or business is to lure them into a large cage with food and water.

These methods can rid your home or business of a bird infestation, but techniques such as sealing holes and cracks along your roof or promptly replacing any torn window screens are great ways to bird proof your home and prevent an infestation before it happens.

The Birds Are Gone: Now What?

Companies such as Critter Stop stand apart from other bird removal services because they aim to remove the birds humanely and rehabilitate them back into nature. Birds rarely seek refuge in people’s homes or businesses. They wind up inside by accident or out of desperation for warmth, and they mean no harm. Live bird capture can give you peace of mind that your property and the birds are safe and sound.

The experts from Critter Stop will also help you bird proof your home to prevent another infestation. Bird removal service from Critter Stop guarantees a bird-free home or business and will check in on your property several times to ensure the critters don’t return.

Even after the experts clear the infestation, your property is not completely safe until it has been purged. The experts at Critter Stop will go the extra step to restore and disinfect your home, removing the debris and other health hazards birds leave behind.

If you think birds may have infested your property, call Critter Stop for their expert bird removal services before the intruders harm your health or your home

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