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Signs You Need Wildlife Removal Services in Fort Worth

Signs You Need Wildlife Removal Services in Fort Worth

Just like humans, animals need places to live and do their business. These uninvited visitors will make themselves at home and even start a family if left unchecked. Living with wildlife can have some severe physical and mental health consequences so getting rid of them quickly is a top priority!  

Common Wildlife in Fort Worth, Texas

Wildlife activity varies with the location and environment of your property, but the most commonly found wild animals in Fort Worth, Texas, are:

  • Raccoons
  • Rodents
  • Opossums
  • Bats
  • Squirrels
  • Armadillos
  • Snakes
  • Skunks
  • Dead animals

Signs You Need Wildlife Removal Services in Fort Worth

Now that you know the most common types of wildlife found in Fort Worth, it’s time to understand the signs that mark the presence of these wild animals. Identifying these signs helps in setting up a strategy for the removal of these pesky critters.

1. Strange Noises

You don’t always need to see wildlife to know they’re around. In fact, there are many smaller animals that are rarely seen in open areas. Although they may be hard to locate, the annoying noises they make at night are sure to get your attention. Animal noises can be very alarming and are the most common sign that wildlife is present on your property.

You might have heard scratching in the wall, noises in the attic, or the scurrying of little feet around your house. Hearing these strange animal noises means you have an infestation on your hands. In this case, it’s important to consult wildlife removal services, as animals in your home are a potential health and safety risk to you and your family.

2. Destruction To Home

While some animals can make their presence known through annoying noises, some live quietly or go undetected when they become active at night. These animals may be found in areas that are used less frequently, such as your garage, attic, or basement. They can often be traced through the damage they cause, such as leaving a trail of droppings in your attic.

Apart from carrying diseases and germs, some animals can even destroy important components to your home, like roof shingles and insulation. In certain cases, animals like squirrels and mice may even pose a fire hazard by chewing through electrical wires.

3. Animal Droppings

Droppings are the feces of small animals or bird that is commonly found in a home with an animal infestation. These animal droppings can be identified through the color of the droppings or the smell they leave in the air. Although some of them may be extremely small in size, they can lead to big health problems. Animals such as mice, squirrels, and birds leave significant droppings that are highly problematic for your health and home.

Animal feces carry bacteria and spores that have the potential to become airborne and cause serious consequences. They can be more harmful if they go unnoticed for a long time because the accumulation leads to damage of the insulation and wood in your home.  Some animal removal companies, like Critter Stop, can help restore the damage done to your home and even replace the insulation.

4. Foul Smell

Falling through walls or being exposed to electrical wirings can cause death to these critters. The second an animal dies it begins to decay, leading to a foul smell that will fill your home. If proper removal and clean-up of these dead bodies is not done, it can cause major problems to your heath and finances. It is important that any foul odour in your home should not be overlooked in order to mitigate damage as early as possible.

If you notice any of the signs listed above in your home, you may have an unexpected guest.

What To Do Next

After you diagnose the problem, it is important to work on a solution before things get any worse. When you sense that you may be the victim of animal infestation, reach out to a critter removal company as soon as possible. These professionals will help you get rid of any pesky wildlife and make sure they don’t return.  A quick and effective response to this problem will prevent any further issues.

Top Tier Wildlife Removal Service

Now that you know about the many problems wildlife inside your home can cause, you need to find the perfect solution. You may be tempted to deal with critters on your own, but this comes with some serious risk. Improper removal of wildlife can be dangerous, time consuming, and expensive, so leaving it to the professionals is the best option.  

If you require any wildlife removal services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you should call Critter Stop and consult with our team of wildlife removal experts. Our expert team will do an inspection of your home and estimate the potential threats to your health. After that we make sure your home is critter free and seal your home to prevent any repeat visitors.  Finally, we restore your home to perfect living conditions by sanitizing it and leaving it squeaky clean.

If you need any additional information, click here to get to know all the details.

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