Squirrels 101 - What You Need to Know About Dallas-Fort Worth Squirrel Infestation

Recognizing the Warning Signs of Squirrels

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy watching squirrels get up to fun and games outdoors, jumping around in the trees, gathering treats, and just generally having fun. Once they enter your house, their squirrel fun and games may not be as cute. On this page, we’ll discuss some of the warning signs that you have a squirrel in the home and what you should do to rid your Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex home of these destructive animals. If you need help getting squirrels out of your attic or walls, give the Southlake Critter Stop team a call. We offer wildlife removal, sanitation, and deterrent services to keep your home pest free. We are happy to bring our team of experts to your home no matter where you are in the DFW Metro area, including Irving, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

What You’ll See Inside the Home

Inside your house, squirrels are relatively neat guests compared with other wildlife that can get inside. They don’t leave droppings or the unsanitary “grease marks” caused by urine and repeated scurrying across surfaces that is common with rats. Instead, squirrels are much more “tidy,” but they are also likely to chew and damage your walls, wiring, ducts, and just about anything else they can get their hands on. Some of the common warning signs there’s a squirrel in your home include:

  • Early morning scratching and scurrying, between the hours of 7 am and 10 am, is typically a good indicator that you’re dealing with squirrels.
  • If you see nesting materials like shredded cloth, lint, insulation, leaves, and grass in your attic or in the walls, you may be dealing with a squirrel.
  • While squirrels are less likely to leave their droppings or a urine trail around the house, you will likely still smell a distinguishable odor from the waste.

What You’ll See Outside the Home

Many homeowners notice a squirrel infestation from the outside first. To get into the house, squirrels may chew on shingles, gnaw into the eaves, or otherwise damage the outside of your home. You may also see squirrel footprints in mud, on your car, or in other areas. Squirrels are extremely persistent, so it’s essential to find a wildlife removal provider that is capable of fully sealing out these determined pests.

Critter Stop’s 4 Step Process to Keep Your Home Squirrel Free

In order to fully free your Dallas or Fort Worth area home from any rodent or wildlife infestation, the Critter Stop team has created a patented four step process. We begin by sealing all of the access points to prevent squirrels from getting into your home. Then, we trap the squirrels for humane, poison-free removal. Once your home is squirrel free, we sanitize all the areas that were infested. Finally, we set up deterrents outside of the home. This can be especially important for squirrels who can be very persistent. Even though we do our best to remove all the odor trails and other indicators that could lure squirrels back to your home, they may still want to get back in. This last step of the process is essential to keep squirrels away from your home.

Squirrel In A Trap

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